Taking advantage of gorgeous views and challenging terrain, the Lake Tahoe Marathon Weekend has a little something for everyone.

The weekend features not just a marathon, but your choice of three marathons (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), or for endurance junkies, the option to do all 3 (The Tahoe Triple). Same goes for the half marathon (The Trifecta) and the ultra (The Triple Dare): 72 miles all the way around Lake Tahoe!

…And yes, someone did run the full 216.6 miles in three days (46 hours 27 minutes).  See Rob Carter’s finish below:

For the rest of us with more modest goals, the menu of events included duathlon, 10k, 5k, kids superhero run, and a number of aquatic events. There were kayak and paddle board races, and open water swim races.

I felt a little greedy looking at all the events to register for, but in the end I opted for the 2 mile swim as one of the more unique choices.

What a great decision! I came out of the water in first place and felt like I wanted to dive back in and do it again! The water was 66 degrees (perfect, in my book), and so clear and clean I felt like I was swimming in a giant swimming pool…only clearer and cleaner.

We lucked out with perfect weather the whole weekend. It was clear, warm and dry, with just a bit of a breeze.

The kids races immediately followed the water events at Pope Beach, and we enjoyed cheering on the competition of the future.  Kids and adults were milling about in all types of superhero costumes, which delighted me since it combines two of my favorite things (running and dressing up).

Now I know what to pack for next year.